Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Superhero Worship- Decor Ideas and Character Study Part 3

Let's just assume that Peter Parker came into some cash peddling his Spiderman action shots and decided to upgrade his spidey pad, which is a 10 x 12 room at Aunt Mays or a tiny off campus apartment.  There's not enough room for splendid couches or cash for spendy art but he selects furnishings that speak to him and make his Spidey decorating senses tingle (ewww, I know).

Well,"Spidey goes to Ikea and Home Goods"  Issue-1 would make for a boring comic book read.  So I've decided to do it for him.  Here are my picks for the upgraded web digs.

In my series of Superhero Man Cave storyboards for Superman, Batman and now Spidey, I've selected a collection of goods that I think speak to their dual-identity personalities. 

Here in Spiderman's young man cave, the look is eclectic.  A combination of what could be hand-me-downs, some arty stuff created by his college art major buddies and maybe a few things he had crafted out of webbing during his time as Venom.  The posters, tacked to the wall, explore his own persona and the enemies that want to squish him.  The one piece of art that Spidey sprang for is a portrait of his beloved red-headed love interest.

Spiderman / Peter Parker bedroom and room decor ideas storyboard by Aaron Christensen
Spiderman's college apartment or Aunt May's extra room
is fit for the eternal on-again-off-again bachelor.

 I was hoping to find a Spidey inspired mini fridge and microwave, but no such luck.  Every college student has to have them.  Keep your eye out for me.

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