Monday, June 18, 2012

Superhero Worship- Decor Ideas and Character Study Part 2

I went digging around the internet looking for inspiring products for a boy's superhero room and came away with a collection of things that would be perfect for an adult's room or man cave.  So for fun, I've compiled three story or mood boards exploring the imaginary interiors of a few favorite superheroes.

Number two, of the series of three, is a design for whom is probably the most revered and loved superhero of all time, Superman.

Superman / Clark Kent room decor ideas for his man cave.
Superman might have a fortress of solitude but I'm sure he'd prefer to hang his cape in a suped up man cave.

Throughout the Superman genre of comics,  movies and cartoons, you never quite get a glimpse of him taking time off, sitting back in his apartment Skyping Ma and Pa Kent, napping with Krypto the Super Dog or having the Justice League over for a potluck and poker game.   Even the Man of Steel needs to some down time.  So, to outfit his urban Metropolis bachelor pad, I've assembled a few components that I think speak to him as a supehero, mild mannered reporter, alien with advanced powers and conservative farm boy, at heart.

With his well tailored, classic look as Clark Kent, I felt he'd gravitate toward a neo-classic and art deco style befitting his metropolitan persona.  This style also gave room to explore, through decor, his origins as a cross universe, rocket sent orphan.  With his x-ray capable vision, how would he see the world?  Would he switch back and forth and see the inner workings of things and come to embrace that revealed vantage point?  I thinks so, so I've included an amazing x-ray couch with a transparent covering, a "see-through" chair and a couple art posters which may reveal his view of everyday humans when his powers are kicked in.

Some of the items may be a bit spendy, for a reporter's salary, but as a faster than a speeding bullet kinda guy, he could be the ultimate in Craigslist shoppers, searching bargains and being the first to show up worldwide within seconds.  Lifting a concrete and steel chair up to his twelfth floor apartment wouldn't be issue either.  The American flag is an art piece made from melted plastic army men, which I thought might have some kind of psychological meaning to him with regard to his powers, balance of intervention and his allegiance.

Unlike his Justice League partner, Batman's pad featured on the storyboard Post #1 , Superman's man has a slight bit of whimsy and "boy scout" optimism to it.

With the new Superman movie reboot coming and its likely conforming to the less-cartoon, more real-life approach to heroes trend, will we catch a glimpse of his bachelor pad?  Time will tell.  In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed my exploration in Supe's decor.  Next up is Spiderman and his Peter Parker persona.

Now back to designed a boy's room....

Batman's is up at

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