Monday, October 28, 2013

ABC's Modern Family Argues While My Art Just Sits There

I received texts and emails last night that my Girl's Rock and Roll Art had some serious airtime on ABC's  Modern Family.  The hilarious show aired in 2009 with my art as set decoration in Alex Dunphy's bedroom.  It's had some great screen time through the years, but the funny thing is, it's almost always during some kind of conflict.  The two daughters fight, the mom Claire's a regular backdrop for family disfunction, which is what Modern Family does best.

If you're in the Dunphy decorating mood and want a backdrop for your parent and teen disfunction, it's available in reproductions on my site-

modern family rock art

If your little Rock Star need some attitude in her room you could always pick up my Peel and Stick Wall Decals by RoomMates at your local Target store.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boys Rooms and Nursery Ideas - 15 Mood Boards For Boys

There's a lot going on in the studio right now.  I'm working on  new art, upcoming changes to my website, a new ecommerce platform and a few items, debuting this winter, that will help you design your child's nursery or room.  So to bring some things up to speed here's some new mood boards to inspire, that I've been delinquent in posting.  I'm also including some of my pinner's favorites from Pinterest.  Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear which one and why.

Superhero Boys Room in Yellow and Gray Mood Board

With all the superhero movies debuting, boy's superhero rooms are a popular request.  Here I explore the genre with a an Up, Up and Away theme.  Look up in the sky, it's gray and yellow, one of 2013's hottest color combos for boys.  My Up and Away art piece is available from my under the radar Etsy shop.  I haven't announced the store opening so sssshhh.   It's official debut will be announced later in the year.
Superhero Room with a Spiderman and Wolverine Influence Mood Board

 Some of the new superhero pieces from my Etsy shop (see the caption above) make their way into this  big boy super room.  It works in superhero without being too cheesy.  The room's look will grow with the boy so it has great value and savings built right in.  The board introduces the neutral brown/tan/taupe color to dial down the primary feel of most superhero offerings.

Classic Sports Bedroom Decor for a Teen Mood Board

Man cave design is hot right now.  There's no reason it can reach into the young men's world.  This sports mood board combines the timeworn finishes of painted woods with the raw and very masculine textures of sisal and burlap.  My vintage art collection recently expanded with the addition of lacrosse and golf.  All are available from my site.  

Cowboy Southwest Boy's Room Idea Mood Board
 The earthen plains and grassy prairies are celebrated in this mood board.  It's southwestern influence boasts a nostalgic americana feel yet its simple and more modern.  The western art is, as mentioned above, available from my Etsy shop.
Modern Cowboy Nursery Decor Mood Board

Hold off on the wagon wheels and bandana print!  The tumbleweed nursery speaks to the old west in theme yet it does so in a more modern sophisticated way.  The great pouf from Surya and the simple shapes of the rusty bull mount and rocking house relay the idea without all the cowboy campyness.  The cowboy images are part of my latest releases.  They represent the old west in my pop vintage way.  I hope you like them.  Sssshhh, they're from my un-promoted, un-announced Etsy shop which will officially launch later this year. 

Boy's Race Car Transportation Room Mood Board

If this were a game show, I'd give you 30 seconds to name that theme.  Correct!  Theming a room doesn't mean you have to go over the top (I know, I'm guilty).  This race car room is updated with a cool ombre rug, the pinterest popular mason jars repurposed as pendant lights and some art from my speedway collection.

Light and Airy Boy's Airplane Nursery Mood Board

A light and breezy nursery with a sky theme is accented with chevron bedding and a few vintage wood accents.  The art is from my Up and Away series which includes kites and hot air balloons.

Here We Go.  Transportation Theme Nursery Mood Board

If you're a DIY'er search the internet for suitcase tables, they're easy to make and very charming.  You can also find a variety of them ready made on Etsy.  Combine those handled charmers with some great woodgrain and slip in some modern textiles and your set.  The theme could go train, plane or automobile real easy.  The America piece is from my American Byways collection.  

Teen Tween Surf Travel Theme Room Mood Board

As I'm sure you can see, I prefer for boy's rooms to grow with them.  Not that there's anything wrong with cutesy wootsie, it's just not my thang.... When you can swap a crib for a bed, change out a few pieces and the room ages instantly, that's my favorite.  In this case, we have the reverse.  This teen/tween surf travel room could easily go younger.  Switch out the teen fave papason chair with a glider for bedtime stories and add in some beach themed pillows and its fun for your elementary aged water boy.  The wall art is also from my American Byways series.

A little less Blam Batman Superhero Theme Room
The Batman movies have weaned away from the cheesy and campy days of holy smokes bat bombs and bat nipples (sorry George), so why not go with a less BLAM in the bat room.  Capture the caped crusader with a few implied decor items, subtle themed accessories and bring them together with a few grow-with-time investment furniture pieces.  My less Pow more Pop superhero series of art can add a sophisticated twist to the batcave.

Superman's Alter Ego Geek Chic Boy's Room Mood Board
 All that's geeky is groovy.  The worlds most famous nerd boy is Clark Kent and exploring his world would make for a great superhero room.  Focusing on the Metropolis urbanite and eluding to his super persona opens the door to fun accessories, mid century influences and a bit of geek chic.

Classic American Baseball Theme Nursery Mood Board

The classic americana baseball room is realized with my baseball art and color rich pieces from my pals at Newport Cottages.  The traditional wainscoted walls, the gallery art display and charming light fixture create a space that will grow with your little slugger.  Both the art and my vintage striped lamp are available on my site.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Desert Dwellings, Mesa Adventurers and Horseback Hip - Nursery and Kid's Room Design

Cowboy and Southwestern styles live outside the On/Off cycle of most interior decor trends.  While the overall popularity may come and go, there are fans that live the lifestyle not the trend.  Those who love the old west, the american prairies and deserts are happy to know that their passion has hit a resurgence over the past few years and there's no sign of it waining.

By other names, the Navajo, Aztec, Native, Tribal and even Gaucho (from Spain) influence has resulted in a refresh of cowboy and southwest living design.

For children's rooms and nurseries, the classic cowboy look has evolved to include reclaimed woods, faux taxidermy and a less is more modern feel.   Wandering outside of the strict cowboy theme, there's the addition of bears,wolves, camp out and USA traveler rolling into the western icon palette.  Patterns like native geometry, bows and feathers, cow skulls and even dream catchers are all the rage in children's and teen fashion and are popping up in home dec.

I've recently added some new wall art to my portfolio.  It explores these themes.  The group is designed for the home decor market but a few pieces cross over well into my kid theme design stick.  

Cowboy/ Western Nursery Mood Board featuring Aaron Christensen's wall art

Southwest Influence Adventurer Boy's Room Mood Board featuring Aaron Christensen's wall art.

Over on Pinterest I've also created a board exploring the trendier side of the theme with some DIY's, inspirational pictures and links to fun west by southwest goodies.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nursery Shopping Art Spotting - Kim Kardashian

My family loves to spot my artwork on TV for me. One of my keen eyed spotters noticed my vintage princess crown art hanging on the wall at Joey Wahl Arts Children's Boutique in LA, during Kim Kardashian's visit. While it's no ringing endorsement from the pregnant reality star, it's an art spotting none the less. My daughter thought it was tweetable. OMG! #KimKardashian 

Nursery Art Spotting During Kim Kardashian's Baby Shopping
My vintage crown art spotted during Kim Kardashian's visit to retailer

The art is part of my Princess Collection.  I designed the pieces to veer away from the cutesy, animated princess look and go more sophisticated.  When I design rooms for little princess, I prefer to make them regal, not silly.  

Sophisticated Princess Bedroom by

Princess Flora and Fauna Nursery by

Custom Princess Bedroom by

Custom Princess Crown and Bedroom Design by

Custom Princess Carriage, Mural and Bedroom Design by

Monday, April 29, 2013

Murals Transform Bland Spaces in a School

Murals are a segment of my business that I truly enjoy creating.  While their popularity in residential spaces comes and goes like wallpaper, they're always the right fit for challenging spaces in kid oriented commercial and residential space.  I recently completed several new murals for a day school.  The bland off white walls lent little to the imagination and were cluttered with stapled and taped outdated posters, art for the sake of taking up space and store bought pictures which lent nothing to the space.

To date, I've painted five murals within the school.  I've varied each in style, composition and theme.  Hopefully they look executed by different artists, as I want the variety to be that akin to children's books.  No two are the same.

Here are three of the five murals.  I finally got around to taking photos with a real camera instead of the cell phone pictures that are oh so convenient.  I'll post the other two soon.

If you're curious, from my observations, murals are becoming popular in kids rooms once again.  Everyone has tried everything possible with decals, vinyl letters, chevron stripes and posters and the boredom is creating a resurgence in mural popularity.  So break out your paints, its time to lead the trend and not follow!

magical forest mural by
In the children's storytime stair area I created this magical forest with larger than life flora and fauna.  I rendered this mural in an animation cell style.  I wanted it to look like they're sitting within an animated movie.

frog, fairy and mushroom mural by
To soften the hard inside corner I bridged it with a hand painted cutout of
a luna moth.  The frog is the first thing you see as you come down the hallway.  The kids love him.  He's about 2.5 feet tall.
barn theme mural by
The indoor play structure area was converted into a farm theme.  The maple wooden needed to be somewhat camouflaged.  I thought it would blend nicely with hay bales.  The owner's office door has been converted into a swinging barn door.
farm and barn themed mural by
A faux tree trunk was added to the play structure to allow for the painting of a tree canopy on the mural sky.  Sadly, you can't see it in this picture.

forest animal mural by
In a second staired area, where the students watch videos and share, a storybook style forest was created.  Its soft calming colors lends itself to the low light room.

bee hive, animal mural by
I sculpted a reliefed beehive, with bees to add a bit of whimsy to the space. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery?

My wife and I utilized the book "how to choose the sex of your baby" with 100% success- twice! We wanted to know our babies "she wee" or "he wee" status before giving birth, but many parents do not. I wanted to know mostly because the nursery design was important. Imagine that...HA! We signed and passed on the book to friends, who did the same. I have no idea where the book ended up. I'd be curious if it's still in circulation and what the success rate is? How about you? Did nursery design play a part in your wanting to know your babies gender?

A gender neutral, but not neutral colored room I designed for a client.  She has since had a boy.