Friday, June 15, 2012

Superhero Worship- Decor Ideas and Character Study Part 1

Burning up the box offices are all things Superhero.  With both Marvel's and DC's super smash of movies the trend isn't going to end soon.  We've seen the dark knight Batman reboot his way to the top, Spiderman and Superman's versions are underway.  The Avenger's movie, with it's amazing cgi make heroes like the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America believable and enjoyable to watch.

This got me thinking.  While working on a client's son's room, which will be superhero in theme, I went searching for products on the internet.  Frankly, I've seen it all and most of it is too literal for me with logos, faces and the mighty corporate branding all over it.  What if I took a different approach?  What if, like I tend to, explored the theme in a less than literal way?

So while I dug into the personalities and characteristics behind the heroes, I started taking note of some really amazing products that speak to whom the superheroes are by inference.  So after hours of gathering product picks for the boy's room, I ended up with a ton of ideas saved for a less than little boy version of a superhero room.  While there might not be a demand for grown up rooms decorated in superhero, I though this would be a fun exploration.

I'd like to start by introducing you to my first of three storyboards.  This first one explores, from a design aspect, a brooding, angry man, whose night life hiding behind a mask interferes with his relationships, compromising his shallow persona as a gregarious, millionaire playboy.  You guessed it.  Bruce Wayne a.ka. Batman, the Dark Knight.

I've chosen art, furniture and decor items that, in my opinion, reflect his life as a tortured soul, man and larger than life superhero.
Batman Bruce Wayne interior decor exploration and ideas
What if Batman / Bruce Wayne wanted a man cave instead of a bat cave?
Other than his butler and future sidekick, his closest relationships are those with his enemies.  Therefore, I would imagine he'd find a twisted kind of comfort in having reminders of his arch nemesis' around.   His style would be eclectic, and expensive opting for fine art collectables and one of a kinds, reminding him that he has the net worth to be lavish.  Of course his color palette would be dark.  He'd find interest in the textural variances of materials in black instead of appreciating color.  His fondness for high tech would push him towards a more contemporary style with a few select "high brow"accessories thrown in.

I had to throw in the shakespeare bust as a tribute to the campy old Batman series from the 60's.

What do you think, did I take it the direction you would have gone?  There's the whole other universe of tongue-in-cheek, bat-table, bat-couch, yellow and blue that could be explored too.

I'm wrapping up my Superman and Spiderman versions for posts 2 and 3.  Wait until you see the x-ray vision twist on the Supe's man cave.

Superman's is up at

Spiderman's is up at

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