Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dance Team Props, Sets and Design- Down to the Wire!

Just wrapped up all of my Dance Team projects!  Good Luck to my prop/set/floor design friends as they head to the 2014 state dance competition. It's always a pleasure working with such wonderful kids, coaches and of course parents!
Rorschach, Dance Team, Floor, Winterguard, Floor Painting, Art
Finished up a Roschach Floor for Canby High School

dance team, dance, osaa, clackamas cavalettes, cemetery, painting, murals
A soft and pretty cemetery for Clackamas High School

Hand carving mythical beast prop statues for a theatrical dance team
Caving mythical beast legs on platforms with casters.  They will be riden. 
Clackamas Dance Team Parents roll out their painted floor.
Clackamas dance team Dads rolling out their hand painted floor.

Mythical beast floor covering for dance team / winterguard style performance
Rising of the Horns themed floor for Portland's Parkrose High School Elite Dance Team.

mythical beast carved floats, statues on wheels for dance team by Aaron Christensen
Mythical beast statues being rode by Parkrose Dance Team

Parkrose Dance Team Rising of the Horns
Rising of the Horns by Parkrose Elite

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