Monday, October 28, 2013

ABC's Modern Family Argues While My Art Just Sits There

I received texts and emails last night that my Girl's Rock and Roll Art had some serious airtime on ABC's  Modern Family.  The hilarious show aired in 2009 with my art as set decoration in Alex Dunphy's bedroom.  It's had some great screen time through the years, but the funny thing is, it's almost always during some kind of conflict.  The two daughters fight, the mom Claire's a regular backdrop for family disfunction, which is what Modern Family does best.

If you're in the Dunphy decorating mood and want a backdrop for your parent and teen disfunction, it's available in reproductions on my site-

modern family rock art

If your little Rock Star need some attitude in her room you could always pick up my Peel and Stick Wall Decals by RoomMates at your local Target store.

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