Friday, July 20, 2012

New Wall Art and Decor by Aaron Christensen- Perfect for Boy's Rooms

Introducing the American Byways Collection

I'm happy to announce new additions to my wall art and decor line.  The collection explores the ever-popular transportation theme in a nostalgic, vintage way.  With distressed and reclaimed wood imagery in wood tones, turquoises and teals, the pieces are on trend with a color palette and textures popular in kid's rooms.   Featuring a U.S. map and forms of transportation, the collection offers a timeless look that has terrific value being able to transition from toddler room decor to art for adult spaces.

Hopping from cornfield runways to small city airports the American
Byways Prop Plane piece brings to mind the joys of small aircraft travel.

While Hot Air ballooning is no longer a current form of transportation,
the image of a balloon evokes thoughts of traveling amongst the clouds and
soaring the skies in days bygone.

Hitting the dusty back roads in a Pick-up truck, visiting every small
town in-route is inferred in this nostalgic piece.

Clickety clack, clickety clack.  The Locomotive image reminds us of
the glamour and intrigue of transcontinental railroad travel.

With it's road signs and vintage ephemera, the American Byways map pays tribute
to the cross country road trip.

The American Byways Lampshade/Lamp set coordinates with the collection.

My new introductions are only available, for the first six months, artist direct through my website or exclusively through brick and mortar stores that carry my line.  This gives Main Street America a chance to present and sell the pieces before the online retailers.   

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